Last Updated : 04/18/2019

The process for unlocking a locked IPhone using the IPhone Unlock Sim Card is as follows:

  • 1. Connect to WIFI.
  • 2. Insert the IPhone Unlock Sim Card into your locked IPhone.
  • 3. Next, open Emergency Call screen and then enter the following code *5005*7672*00# in the dialer and then tap on phone calling button. (Enter to Emergency call - Long press to home button and release. Press right side button for IPhone X, XS and MAX to enter in to Emergency Call Mode.) It will show you Input ICCID screen, if it does not show the Input ICCID screen, restart the phone and try it again.
  • 4. On the Input ICCID screen, enter the following code 8901-4104-2792-0259-5922 and then tap Send. (The latest version of the ICCID ID is always available on the top left of the home page).
  • 5. Reboot your IPhone and follow the regular iOS setup process for activation.
  • 6. Once done, you can just remove the R-SIM from your IPhone and insert your network’s regular Nano SIM card back and start using your phone as a regular unlocked IPhone.


  • 1. This Unlock Sim Card will unlock your phone from any network, to any network, anywhere in the world. It’s safe and easy. It is always compatible with the latest iOS, so you can always have access to the latest updates. (Just insert the Unlock Sim Card and enter ICCID again).
  • 2. Once your phone is unlocked, do not reset the phone or factory reset your phone. If you reset it, it will get locked again and you must do the whole process again to get it unlocked.
  • 3. Only update your IPhone OTA on WIFI.
  • 4. For 'Metro PCS Sim card' on any IPhone getting message "No service", You need to call customer care to activate phone IMEI on your account to get the service.

STILL NOT WORKING?? Message us or Email us : with the following details.

  • 1) Order Number.
  • 2) Original Carrier of your Phone.
  • 3) Sim Card you tried to use.
  • 4) ICCID code you used.
  • 5) A brief explanation of your problem.